Why we made this

Stats show that more than 80% of Americans worry about online privacy and giving away their information online. People are hesitant about using their personal phone numbers on dating apps and subscriptions due to potential leaks and countless spam texts.

Which is why DoNotPay has made a convenient alternative: burner numbers. Through our new Burner Phone product, we offer users temporary phone numbers that they can use to bypass verifications for subscriptions, dating apps, and other services that require phone authentications. To ensure privacy and prevent spam, our numbers are intended for one-time use only. Once the user creates a number, it is only accessible for 10 minutes before the text message is deleted and the number is deactivated.

How to use the product

  1. Open the DoNotPay Burner Phone product.
  2. Choose the company you want to use the number for and click "Create a temporary number."
  3. DoNotPay will generate a new burner number that you can use for subscriptions, dating apps, and any other service that requires phone verification or sends confirmation texts.
  4. Once you get a text, DoNotPay will display the message you've received for that number.
  5. The number is intended for one-time use, so the text is automatically deleted and the number is deactivated after a 10 minute period.

Unlike other services that charge more than $50 annually just for one burner number, our product is included as part of our $3.00 subscription, and we also allow users to access multiple different numbers per month.

As an added bonus, we've integrated our Free Trial Card system, so users can easily create a Virtual Credit Card to use for the company as well.

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